Above is the video of the recent Comfoods Multi Million scam that was reported in various news and social media outlets nationwide.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 4.10.05 AM

Gary Huang, youngest brother among the five siblings of Comfoods. Marghee Reyes-Huang (Margarita or Marita is the wife of Gary Huang). Nicky Huang, the slut who aided the scam masterplan of her parents. Nicole Huang is the eldest daughter and is currently hiding in New Zealand. And last but not the least, is the lucky special child Conrad Huang, he’s currently studying at CSB, and has no clue that his parents are evil scammers (or maybe he has a clue, he’s just pretending to be mentally sick and knows nothing)

Below is the apology message of Gary Huang to his victims:
I am sorry for the situation. If I have all the money she took I would have paid everyone. I am sorry she misrepresented herself as being part of Comfoods.

And below is the apology meme of the Huang family scammers that has been circulating all over the world wide web.

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