I love Mike Ross and his Eidetic memory. I envy him for having that kind of talent, even if it’s just a TV show. I wish I was him. If I become a boy with his eidetic memory, I’ll be gladly turn myself into a male, rather than living myself as a female. But I love myself, and I’m already content of who am I.

Sometimes we just can’t stop of being jealous, or just envy other human beings with such talent and skills. It’s just part of being human, I presume.

If you’re watching Suits, then you can wait for the next season this coming June 2014. It’s still not posted in Wikipedia yet, but after watch the last episode of Season 3, then you’ll be expecting what happens next.

The 3rd season was full of thrills and it’s really a roller-coaster ride, as what others said. It’s really great and awesome and spectacular. I thought Mike Ross was caught be the FBI, but I’m wrong. It’s was just another thing, not about that thing that he was keeping to himself and Harvey since season 1. Oh well, let’s just wait what’s in store for us in the next season.

Right now, I’ll just watch Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones, while waiting for Suits and The Walking Dead this October. Hahaha!

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