It’s really true that everyone is not created equal. Animals and humans are also not created equal. Others may say that humans are far more superior than animals, but that’s entirely not true at all. You know humans, sometimes, are below mediocre in terms of thinking, speed, imagination, and memory. I think the humans (oh yeah, I’m one of them) are more emotional compared to animals.

Animals have emotions, we just can’t ask them because they don’t speak, but they do have emotions, according to me.

We should also put in mind that us humans aren’t “The Best” at everything. For instance, watch a bird navigate a wide forest. Ever seen one crash? That’s in a full three dimensional space going quite quickly, and yet humans can barely back out of the driveway without hitting something at the back.

But not just birds have keen sense of direction and awesome skills. Watch a cat (any kind of cat) stalk its prey; the precision and ability to go unnoticed until just the right moment is something humans can never match. Really! They can even see at night without night vision goggles.

I think this hang-up on being the best at everything is a cultural artifact stemming from the way our society walls off the rest of nature, saying “We are better and don’t need or want to be around the rest.”

It doesn’t take much time observing the rest of the natural world to see that we obviously aren’t the best.

So can you say you’re better than a mere animal? I don’t think so…

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